Pro Kennex Pure 150 Squash Racquet


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Dual Properties Handle Technology. Pro Kennex utilizes their patented KINETIC COMFORT CAP to achieve a dynamic balance (or Counter Balance) that promotes Control and Feel during play, while adding another layer of arm protection. The Mass Displacement Chamber in the handle attenuates the remaining vibration that results from the initial energy exchange between ball and racquet. The engineering name for this is NonObstructive Damping Technique, or NOPD. While the Kinetic System provides the most efficient energy transfer in tennis, any harmful vibrations that do escape the secondary Kinetic energy pulse get swallowed up by our Damping Chamber before reaching the hand.


  • Weight: 135 +/- 5
  • Balance: 345mm
  • Head: 75 in2
  • Width: 17mm
  • Length: 682
  • Flex: 81
  • Cover: Half Cover
  • String: Synflex
  • Pattern: 14 x 19

Supplier Code: SQP15


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