PTP Vibrating Massage Track Ball - Multi


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Colour: Multi

The PTP MyoXV2 Vibrating Massage Trackball will help your body work at its best. Designed to help you get ready for your game or reduce recovery time after a game by gently relieving muscle tension and stiffness. The Trackball has four vibration rhythms, especially for neck and back, but it can also be used on the feet, calves, and other areas. The MyoXV2 is ideal for both Pre and Post-Training workouts, and it also contains 30 exercises created by athletes to ensure you get the best treatment possible.

PRE-EXERCISE: Increases muscle elasticity, reduces stiffness, improves circulation, and raises local temperature, all of which help to activate muscle fibers.

POST-EXERCISE: Increases blood flow to rehydrate the fascia, relieves muscle and joint pain, improves muscle tone, and improves Range Of Movement ( ROM ), which is essential for rest and recovery.


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