Reusch Attrakt RG Finger Support Size 9 GK Glove


Be The One With The Attrakt Rg Finger Support Goalkeeper Gloves. Trusted By More Than 220 First League Goalkeepers All Over The World Reusch Is Among The Worldwide Leading Glove Specialists.

Characterized By Very Good Abrasion Resistance And Damping Properties Thanks To Its Structured And Sturdy Surface, The Rg Resist Grip Has Been Especially Engineered For Goalkeeping On Artificial And Hard Grounds.

The High Quality Finger Support Finger Protection System Reduces The Risk Of Injury With The Sticks Adapting The Shape Of The Fingers, The Hand Can Grasp Flexibly Without Restrictions, Whereas Bending The Fingers Backward Into The Injury Zone Is Close To Impossible.

Supplier Code: 87536


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