Sof Sole M2O Womens Skin Protection Anit-Chafe Cream - Pink


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Colour: Pink

M2O’s Women’s Anti-Chafing cream takes the same approach as the ground-breaking M2O Anti-Chafing Cream. This world first product delivers a three-in-one solution by preventing chafing, relieving discomfort and helping skin to recover after hours in the saddle, on the board or pounding the pavement.

Feature & Benefits:

  • M2O’s Anti-Chafing Cream is an endothermic active product.
  • It responds to body heat and continuously maintains a protective film, no matter if your skin is hot or cold 
  • Prevents the friction that irritates your skin
  • Relieves your skin during physical activity
  • Restores problem areas, allowing for recovery after you’re done for the day
  • Vital vitamins: With prevention, relief, and recovery in mind, we researched all the important vitamins that would address the three stages of chafing and figured out how to squeeze them all into the one tube

Colour:  Pink

Supplier Code: M2OSR002


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