Sports equipment and Cricket Helmet

Sports equipment has evolved with time, changing needs for protection and introducing new rules guidelines about different sports. To make a game more competitive and attract more audience, new versions of other sports have evolved like the Introduction of Twenty-20 format in Cricket and League Championships in Cricket, Hockey, Rugby, Football, etc.

Various sporting facilities and equipment are essential to participating. It enables athletes to perform to the best of their abilities. The equipment needs to be of superior quality and meet the standards laid out by the relevant authority.

To dive deeper into the importance of sports equipment, let’s look at the following points:

  • High-quality essential equipment customised to the fitting of every athlete prevents them from sports-related injury in the best possible way.
  • Athletes who remain healthy and fit can compete better, and their career stays for longer.
  • Injury results in frustration and despair for any athlete. If a player remains injury-free, they can enjoy their game carefree, increasing their ability and appetite for excellence.
  • By wearing protective gear, athletes unleash their full potential by practising adequately and worry-free.

Proper guidelines and rules are made by the Government of Australia, specific to each sport. All the athletes, coaches, instructors, trainers, physical trainers should strictly abide by them to remain safe, competitive and prove their potential to the fullest to make their country proud. There is also a well-framed sports safety guideline for children that needs to be addressed when educational institutions provide physical activities.

Now let us talk about one of the essential protective equipment used in one of the most popular sports in Australia- Cricket. One of the most important pieces of safety equipment is a cricket helmet. It is worn by batsmen, wicket-keepers, sometimes by slip and short leg fielders.

The first cricket helmet was used in 1974. If we glance at the game's history, we have heard many players got seriously injured on the head, which ended their careers.

The cricket helmet is designed to prevent serious injury on the head due to being hit by a cricket ball. Fast bowlers are famous for their short pitch bowling, and this helmet is a great saviour of the batsmen facing these balls pitched at around 140-160 mph.

English cricketer Patsy Hendren wore the first Cricket helmet in the 1930s. He wore a homemade helmet with three layers to protect himself while facing the West Indies pace attack. During the 1970s, Denis Amiss and Tony Greg began to protect themselves by wearing a helmet in World Series Cricket matches. They were modified from motorcycle helmets.

It is important to wear a high-quality custom-fitted helmet for any athlete practising or playing professional cricket. You should check specifications and material used in your cricket helmet as the International Cricket Council predefines quality and material specifications of all the sports equipment used in cricket.