We offer Free standard bat Knocking- in service for any advertised bat with a "Free Knock-in" logo.  View our range of cricket bats available online here

Standard Knocking -in service includes

  1. Three coats of oil
  2. Hand Knocking-in on edges & toe
  3. 3000 -5000 hits on the bat face with knocking machine
  4. Extratec and edging tape applied
  5. Toe guard applied, if required

For any additional work for your new bat, please contact us directly with your requirements

If you choose Express shipping, as this knock-in process takes a minimum of 2-3 days,so your bat can not be shipped immediately! 

For expert bat knocking & other prep services, please read this blog written by our in house cricket expert, qualified carpenter and current international player Vinesh Bennett. - https://sw.com.au/blogs/news/bat-knocking-in-and-preparation