Alpha Gear Jumbo Cone (8 Pack) - Pink & White


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These Alpha Gear Jumbo Agility / Marker Cones are a versatile training tool. They can be used as field markers, added to agility training, such as slalom running. Also, the cut outs on top of the cones allow you to place poles on top of the cones to create 6 inch high hurdle with your agility poles

Features & Benefits:

  • 15cm (H) x 32cm (W) 
  • Versatile training tools
  • Made with high quality plastic, so they last long. The resilient plastic  offers extreme durability in any weather conditions.  Stomped or kicked, these jumbo cones maintain their shape and don't easily crack
  • Designed for safety. These brightly coloured cones are highly visible
  • Pack of 8 with Carry Strap
  • 8 Cones Can Create 4 x 6 Inch Hurdles with Agility Poles

Colour:  White and Pink



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