Aso Evo Small Ankle Stabilizer

Colour: Black

A new innovation in ankle bracing with its evolutionary low profile design. The ASO EVO provides exceptional ankle support and stability while enabling the natural biomechanics of the ankle joint. Ideal for the treatment of ankle injuries, to reduce the severity and frequency of future ankle injuries. Features Inner Stirrup Strap, Dynamic Cuff, and the trademark ASO Ankle Stabilizing Orthosis figure-eight Stabilizing Straps. Stirrup strap is lined with Skinloc material to better capture the calcaneus (heel) to resist inversion or eversion of the ankle, with minimal skin irritation to the plantar surface of the foot. The dynamic cuff increases this circumferential compression as the stabilizing straps begin to restrict inversion or eversion of the calcaneus. Stabilizing straps form a figure-eight crossing over the anterior region of the tibia, fibula, and talus to help stabilize the talocrural joint and then crossing under the calcanues to help stabilize the subtalar joint.

Supplier Code: 264092


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