Babolat Pure Aero 4 1/4 - Frame (2019) Tennis Racquet

$329.99 $349.99

Babolat makes big changes to the AeroPro Team, but keeps the same light weight and user-friendly playability that has made this such a great option for strong beginners, hard charging juniors and intermediate level players. This update is called the Pure Aero Team and it delivers even bigger spin and power than its predecessor. Updated with FSI Spin Technology, the Pure Aero Team features wider spacing between the crosses for a tighter grip on the ball. Additionally Babolat has widened the grommet holes, giving the strings a greater range of movement so that they can move further out of position before snapping the ball out of the stringbed with greater spin. Factor in the maneuverable swingweight (305 RDC) and you have an easy swinging racquet that will enable players from across the skill spectrum to create effective pace and spin. From the baseline the Pure Aero Team plays with a surprising level of comfort and stability for its light weight. Full swings deliver an impressive combination of pace and spin, and the firm beam provides a very crisp and accurate response. Players looking to start serving with more spin and pace will love how easily this stick explodes through contact. The maneuverability is also a huge asset on service returns where the Pure Aero Team not only comes around fast but delivers a high level of accuracy. Babolat has delivered a very maneuverable weapon to the player who wants the precision and spin of the standard Pure Aero but in a lighter, faster package. It should also work well for the more advanced player who wants to create the perfect specs through weight customisation.


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