Dunlop Blaze Pro 3.0 Squash Racquet

Colour: N/A

Dunlop Blaze Pro 3.0 Squash Racquet is the perfect racquet for improving your squash game. It gives you a teardrop-shaped frame which means a larger sweet spot and additional power

Features & benefits:

  • Entry-level premium alloy squash racquet, ideal for both beginners and recreational players
  • Teardrop head shape and an oversized head of 500cm2
  • Head light balance makes it very maneuverable which is perfect to help you develop your technique
  • Weight 180g
  • Length: 686mm / 27”
  • String: Dunlop YE string
  • String Pattern: 14x20
  • String Tension: 8-10kg / 18-20lbs
  • Grip: Dunlop GM grip
  • Frame Construction: Fused aluminium
  • Comes with a head cover

Supplier Code: DWDQ773299


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