Dunlop CX TEAM 275 4 1/4 Tennis Racquet-Red/Black

$99.99 $179.99
Colour: Red


Head Size: 100
Weight: 275
Beam Width: 22
Balance: 320
Length: 27
String Pattern: 16x19
String Tension (range min - max): 23-28 kg
Bag: Not Included

The Dunlop CX 275 is perfect for many players.

Aeroskin technology is capable of reducing drag, so the racquet cuts through the air faster. It all combines to produce a racket that is lighter and more manoeuvrable.
Thanks to the balance (320 mm) and the weight of 275 grams, this racquet offers excellent handling and responsiveness, while being stable enough to destabilize opponents with heavy hits.

A frame rich in quality, power, comfort and maneuverability, ensures excellent dynamism on the court and sustained playing rhythms, the perfect racket for beginner and intermediate players who like to move quickly on the court.


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