Easton North American Maple 271 Oz Baseball Bat

Colour: N/A

The Easton North American Maple 271 Wood Baseball Bat is built to last. It is constructed with a balanced design. Easton uses North American hardwood maple to create this bat that is both light weight and affordable. This maple wood is extremely durable and packs a powerful punch. The 271 turning model provides the bat with a balanced feel. The tapered barrel of the bat minimizes excess wood on the barrel. This reduces the bat s weight. The 271 model is the popular choice for gap to gap hitters. Therefore, batters looking to maximize their swing weight and bat control will be happy choosing this bat from Easton The Easton Maple 271 Wood Baseball Bat features a 29/32 inch handle. This allows for hitters to get a firm grip on this powerful model. This also allows for the hitter to "whip" the bat through the hitting zone. You can always add a bat grip or use pine tar to further enhance your grip on this fine hitting tool.

  • North American maple
  • 271 turning model
  • Balanced design
  • Made in the USA
  • A110 198


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