Formula Sports Nylon Shaft Short 35mm


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Colour: Assorted

Set of 3 nylon Shafts 35mm.

Available in Black, White, Blue & Red.

NOTE: Shafts come in assorted colours. If you would like a particular colour please let us know in the "Special Notes" section on the order. We will endeavour to give you the desired but cannot guarantee.


Also referred to as ‘stems’, shafts come in different materials and sizes. The most common materials are Nylon and Alloy/Aluminium. Nylon shafts are economical and come in a variety of bright designs. Alloy/Aluminium shafts are more rigid and durable.

The three main shaft lengths are approximately 35mm, 41mm and 48mm. Formula Sports also supply a range of Extra Short and Extra Long shafts. Choosing a shaft length depends how the player grips the dart and what feels comfortable in the hand.


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