Gray Nicolls Pro 360 Large-Extra Large Head Guard For Cricket Helmet

Colour: N/A
The 360 Headguard is a fantastic extra from the design team at Gray-Nicolls that adds another protective element to your cricket helmet. Please note this is just the guard, you must buy the helmet separately.
Made from lightweight foam, the guard gives additional cover to the area of the head and neck which are not traditionally covered by the helmet.
  • The ABS construction can absorb even the most substantial impact, negating the effects when the ball sneaks past the helmet and hits the exposed area.
  • Suitable for all Gray-Nicolls helmets, the 360 Headguard is an essential item to add to your cricket bag to give you extra peace of mind when facing short-pitched fast bowling.
  • Features:
Additional cover for the back and sides of the neck for increased protection
High impact ABS construction with foam lining to absorb as much impact as possible
Suitable for all Gray-Nicolls helmets


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