Harbinger 21.5 Inch Padded Cotton Lifting Straps

Colour: Black

Whether it's deadlifts, shrugs or bent-over rows, the Harbinger Padded Cotton Lifting Straps have got you covered. The Neotek padded cushioning provides phenomenal support as you squeeze out that last rep. Featuring heavy duty stitching, hand in hand with the merrowed end tabs to provide ultimate durability and avoid any chance of fraying material.

  • Neotek pad cushions wrists to keep you at ease while you train
  • Extended length and width straps allows for greater contact on grip surface
  • Heavy duty stitching for the ultimate hold
  • Merrowed end tabs to prevent any annoying fraying that can get in the way of your exercise
  • Neotek pad cushions wrists for maximum comfort and support
  • Heavy duty stitching to keep your pads indestructible set after set
  • Extended length and 1½” width for the ultimate grip


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