Head Graphene 360+ Speed MP - S20 4 1/4 Tennis Racquet

$199.99 $309.99

An excelent playability and extraordinary velocity potential delivers a new Head Speed series that promoted by Novak Djokovic. Graphene 360+ Speed MP belongs to the middle weight cathegory, it is an appropriate choice for performace tennis players, who would like to play like Novak one day. The racket offers a great performance due to hi-tech proccessing with advanced Graphene 360+ and SpiralFibers technologies in the frame construction. Due to the technologies is the new generation more connected to hand-ball feel and delivers the purest and very smooth impact feel. SpiralFiber technology consists of the twist fibres beam core, that stretches at stroke and provides more comfortable flex at ball contact. Graphene 360+ Speed S the graphite racket features a head size of 100 in2 (645 cm2) and standard length 27 in (686 mm), it weighs 300 grams (unstrung), the racket‘s balance point is placed at 320 mm to improved maneuverability and a beam profile is 23 mm. If you prefer improved control with this performace racket, Hawk Touch 17 string is recommended, for combination with excelent spin ability Hawk Rough 17 string is appropriate and for power strokes a string Reflex 16 is the perfect one. With the performance instrument conquer all your tournaments.

Material :graphite

Length :27 in

Hardness :RA 64

Weight :300 g

Package included :nostrung


Balance of the racket :320 mm

Head size :100 in

2performance :high level players

Country of origin:China

Strings pattern :16 x 19


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