PTP Myoxv Gun

Colour: Black

The PTP MYOXV Massage Gun features a LED screen and an angled handle which enables you to access hard-to-reach areas. It also has an ergonomically designed removable silicone handle cover for increased grip and comfort.

It has two different modes of percussion therapy. Fitness Mode: has a constant intensity that can be set to 9 different levels. Medi Mode: has 2 pre-set fluctuating intensity patterns that provide a more relaxing and rhythmic massage.

The MYOXV Massage Gun uses a Brushless Torque Motor with a 9-speed design (up to 2800 percussions per minute), which allows a customised massage for the user. The high-frequency vibrations relieve muscle soreness and increase the range of motion, speeding up the recovery process.

It comes with 6 different massage heads and a travel case which makes it versatile and convenient for people who have an active lifestyle or are on the go.

6 massage heads to suit all your needs:

  • Sphere: Ideal for moderate-intensity massage to most muscle groups
  • Cone: Ideal for increased precision and intensity to provide deep tissue massage
  • Cushion: Provides a softer and less intense massage for sensitive and bony areas
  • Thumb: Ideal for smaller muscle groups and provides an angular massage direction
  • Flat: Best suited for large, flat muscle groups
  • Fork: Designed to target muscles around the spinal joints
  • Ultra-quiet operation is another feature of the MYOXV Massage Gun which has a noise level of 55dB when it operates at the highest speed setting.

    The MYOXV Massage Gun is designed with a stall force of 15kg/33lbs to pause the motor as a means to protect the device. *Stall Force is the force applied to a massage gun against the body before the internal motor stops


    • Rechargeable lithium battery with 5-6 hours of operating time when the device is fully charged
    • LED screen is user friendly and when the battery is less than 25%, the battery percentage symbol will flash to remind you to re-charge the device
    • 6 massage heads, a power adaptor, a pouch and a travel case are included
    • Ultra-quiet operation (max noise level of 55dB)
    • 9-speed settings (up to 2800 percussions per minute)
    • 2 percussion therapy modes: Fitness & Medi
    • Lightweight: product weighs 0.8kg/1.8lbs
    • Built-in stall force up to 15kg/33lbs
    • Ideal for pre and post-training
    • Instruction booklet included


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