PTP Powertube Elite Mini Medium

$8.50 $18.99
Colour: Green

The PTP Powertube mini is the perfect piece to start building your very own resistance system and more suited to confined spaces and single arm/leg exercises.

RESISTANCE 7.5kg | 16.5lbs
LENGTH 79cm | 31.1”


The built-in heavy-duty carabiners make it fully interchangeable, allowing you to add or subtract resistance in a matter of seconds.

The PTP PowerTube is fully compatible with the PTP Power Handles and Ankle Straps.


- Top-quality latex tubing, manufactured through a continuous immersion process

- Innovative anti-snapping I.C.T. (Inner Cord Technology) for unrivalled safety

- Built-in metal clips to easily add/subtract resistance and alternate between upper and lower body workouts

- Add the PTP handles, ankle straps to build your very own resistance gym

- Weight rating on the tube to easily keep track of total loading when making tube combinations.

Note: The Mini Powertubes can’t be doubled under your foot and we recommend buying them in a set of 2.


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