Rawlings Encore Series 11.50 Inch RHT Baseball Glove

Colour: Black

Just when you thought leather couldn’t have technology here it is—cue the Encore! Finally a glove technology you can see and feel, this web and pocket combination is bound to be a fan favorite. Its bolstered base design prevents against sting thanks to the added protection in the palm area. Additionally, its inventive web construction and deep pocket allows the fingers to close around the web, keeping the shape of the pocket intact. Worthy of an encore, it will be the glove you come back to again and again.

Extended base design prevents against sting having added protection in the palm area

Overall design promotes faster break in and easier close while still holding shape

Supplier Code: EC1150-2BW-3/0

Right Hand Throw (glove on left hand)

Position - Infield


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