Speedo Aquapulse Pro Mirror Goggle - White/Clear/Violet Gold

Colour: Multi

Fitness swimmers and triathletes will love the latest Aquapulse Pro Mirror. With a frameless profile and new sidearm for greater stability and decreased head tension, this goggle builds on the popularity of the Aquapulse Max 2 Mirror and sets new standards in eyewear design. IQfit, Speedo's most advanced goggle technology, provides a leak-free, stable fit with reduced markings around the eyes. The fashionable wrap around mirror lenses with anti-fog and 100 percent UV protection provide excellent peripheral vision and visibility, allowing you to feel secure in the water every time you swim.


- IQfit 3D goggle seal ensures a leak-free, stable fit with less eye marks.
- IQfit goggle harness features a proprietary tensioning scale for a custom fit.
- Wraparound lenses with a stylish design for better peripheral vision.
- Double silicone head brace with speckled impact for a comfortable fit and quick adjustment Sidearm for greater stability and reduced head tension

- Mirror lenses minimise glare and light. It's great for racing and swimming in the open water.
- Lenses with anti-fog coating and 100% UV protection
Made up of: PC LENS; TPE SEAL; Silicone SIDE ARM; Silicone Adult Fit STRAP


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