Uhlsport Hyperact Absolut HN Goal Keeper Glove

Colour: Blue

The ABSOLUTGRIP of the HYPERACT ABSOLUTGRIP HN goalkeeper gloves is our absolute all-rounder, from the amateur leagues to the Bundesliga, keepers trust our absolute grip, which we produce in Germany. The HALF NEGATIVE CUT ( in short: HN CUT) is partially sewn on the inside and promises a comfortably tight fit.

Flexible pads on the backhand dampen contact when punching and give more control. Two closure flaps make it easy to put on and fix the gloves for great stability with maximum flexibility. The neoprene material used on the backhand makes the glove breathable and extremely flexible. Like every uhlsport goalkeeper glove.

Foam (Grip)Absolutgrip
Cut Half Negative
Without finger protection
level Advanced, Professional
Synthetic Turf/Hard court, Grass
Conditions All weather
Material Latex, Latex: 61%; Polyester: 25%; Nylon: 7%; Polyurethan: 4%; Silikon: 3%

Item number101123501


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