Yonex 2020 Ezone 105 275g 4 1/8 Tennis Racquet - Deep Blue

Colour: Blue

Yonex Ezone 105 tennis racket

The Yonex Ezone 105 is a racket from the latest Ezone collection from Yonex. This racket offers players extra strength and resilience. In addition, the larger sweet spot ensures even more dynamic power and ball speed. These rackets are ideal for hard hits looking for the perfect combination of control and power.

This light racket weighs 275 grams and is easy to handle for the recreational and all-round player. The 330 mm handle weight balance point offers tremendous ball control and improves maneuverability, making the racket easy to use on the net. The racket has a blade size of 577 cm2 and offers a good mix of power and control.

The new vibration steam network is incorporated into the handle shells and ensures vibration damping. Finally, the M40X material gives the frame improved stability and flexibility.

Color: blue
Gender: unisex
Material: graphite
Size of the handle: L3
Weight of the racket: 275 grams
Balance: 330 mm
Blade size: 577 cm²
String pattern: 16 x 19
Product line: Ezone
Supplied lined up: no

  • Material: M40X
  • Head size: 680 cm² (105 inch)
  • Strung: No.
  • Covering picture: 16/19
  • Weight: 275 g
  • Balance point: 330 mm (unstrung)
  • Item number: 7728478


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