Yonex 2022 Ezone 100 300g 4 3/8 Tennis Racquet Frame - Sky Blue

$354.99 $369.99
Colour: N/A

*Frame Only*

Racquet can be strung for an additional $40, please contact us if you wish to have your racquet frame strung*

The Yonex Ezone 100 tennis racquet puts user-friendly power in your hands for 2022 and offers the iconic Yonex feel and precision you’ve come to expect from this tennis racquet family.

Compared to its cousin the Ezone 98, it offers fractionally more forgiveness and power. It’s a top pick for intermediate to advanced players seeking a fast and versatile design.

This newest generation has been updated with 2G NAMD SPEED integrated into the graphite of the shaft for satisfying ball feedback and powerful reactivity. It offers enhanced stability from thicker zones in the shaft and a plusher response with a thinner, sleeker frame face.

The Yonex Isometric head shape defies the boundaries of standard racquets by maximising the number of main and cross strings that intersect at the head's centre, giving you the perfect sweetspot to enhance your performance - a forgiving design for off-centre hits.

- Ideal for intermediate to advanced players
- User-friendly blend of speed and power
- Isometric head shape for a more forgiving response
- Refined beam construction for improved stability and feel

Head Size: 645.16 sq cm / 100 sq in
Weight (strung): 318g / 11.2oz
Length: 68.58cm / 27in
Balance: 33.02cm / 13in / 4 pts HL
String Pattern: 16/19


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