Yonex Nanoflare 380 SHARP Badminton Racquet - Matte Black -3u5-Strung

Colour: Black

A pre strung racquet suitable for advanced players. This Yonex Nanoflare 380 sharp badminton racket has head light and balanced frame, it provides the player with snappy movement and feel, improved speed and decent power potential

Features & Benefits:

  • Increased speed and control over strokes
  • Very light - 83g, which makes it even more manoeuvrable and faster
  • Advanced graphite frame offers excellent resilience and stiffer feel
  • Nanocell Neo technology for a more dampened shot feel and lesser vibrations on each shuttle impact
  • Ideal for players looking for fast-paced action, while maintaining accuracy in their shots

Supplier Code: 26018-3u5-Strung


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