Zoggs Mermaid Flower Water Wings Adjustable Buoyancy Floatsuit

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The Zoggs Water Wing Floatsuit has adjustable puncture-proof buoyancy and promotes a natural swimming pose to help little ones get used to moving around in the water with their arms and legs.
The water wing floatsuit has a neoprene body and super soft sleeves, as well as foam floats strategically sewn into the arms and shoulders for outstanding buoyancy and movement. The floatsuit has a back zip and a tab to keep it in place so that little children can't take it off in the water.
1. Fit the water wings floatsuit snugly; the zipper should be in the back, and the velcro tab should be secured over the zipper.
2. The child can reach the water with the help of an experienced adult swimmer who will hold their hands.
3. Once in the water, the child must be assisted until they become familiar and are able to control the buoyancy by themselves. The adult must remain within arm’s reach at all times. With the water level across the shoulders and their chin above the water, the child should be able to control the buoyancy while kicking whilst being continuously supported.
4. Encourage the child to kick in the water and move one arm in front of the other. The child should not remain still in the water, movement of the arms and legs are essential.
Adjustable swim buoyancy float suit helps develop confidence in the water
Allows complete freedom of movement to help with stroke technique
Zip back with tab to hold zip in place
UV protection
Intended for learning to swim and does not act as a life jacket
1- 2 years | 11-15kg
2-3 years | 15-18kg
4-5 years | 18-25kg


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